Farm Processed seed has been on the increase in the UK for many years for two main reasons.

  • Firstly the need for Farmers to reduce their variable costs, and benefit from the Cash Flow by using their own farm saved seed.
  • The second advantage is the Farmer has the seed ready for use when it is needed. The Farmer has seen the crop grow, can choose which is the most suitable seed to save, and it can be cleaned as hard as is necessary, as there is no penalty for high levels of screenings.  Quality is the interaction between sieve size and speed of output.

Our equipment

We operate three high output mobile seed cleaners and five standard seed cleaners, all of which have gravity cleaning and one fixed plant which specialises in farm saved oilseed rape seed production. One of the high output cleanerscan be split, enabling use for organic seed production. The chemical treater can be used where the farmer can clean his own seed but has not got chemical treatment facilities.

Before we arrive we need:

  • Details of the site, any restrictions or hazards.
  • Details of species/variety/tonnage/bag type and seed treatments needed.

We need the following while on farm:

  • A tipping trailer with a small chute.
  • A second trailer for the screenings.
  • A fork lift truck and operator.
  • Dry pallets if filling paper bags
  • Suitable bulk bags if using farmers own bags, (checked for holes, strength and re usability)
  • Cover if it is raining.

The Golden rules for Farmers wishing to save their own seeds:-

  • Choose profitable and marketable varieties
  • Purchase good quality 2nd generation seed.
  • Maintain varietal and species purity.
  • Sow the seed intended for saving in the cleanest fields
  • Harvest the seed at the correct moisture level.
  • Store the seed separately.
  • Have the seed germination tested.
  • Use a reputable Mobile Seed Processor who uses Gravity cleaners, and has access to a wide choice of seed treatments.
  • Store the treated seed well until sown.
  • For very early drilling, consider using over wintered grain.


We have access to a wide range of formulations from many suppliers, Here are the most popular options, although if you require others we can source these too.

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