When cleaning wheat to improve Hagberg, in addition we can supply a van with seed testing equipment, the main item being a “Perten” Hagberg falling number analyser. This allows us to know by a recognised method the Hagberg level being achieved. This in turn means we can maximise the value of the grain while minimising loses.

We operate three bulk cleaners, all of which can be operated by staff but are usually operated by the farmer after adequate instruction.

One is a gravity table with a conventional cleaner, suitable for Ergot removal or Hagberg improvement where the grain needs to be graded. This bulk cleaner is ideal for Organic Seed Production as it has no Chemical application capability.

The second is a large Gravity table for low cost Ergot removal or Hagberg improvement, supplied with or without an operator.

The third Bulk cleaner is a conventional cleaner for general grain sample quality improvement.

The Specialist Fixed Plant Seed Production Unit.

This unit is based at our site in Oxfordshire and is designed to clean, and treat if necessary, small lots of seed. The design allows quick and efficient clean down between seed lots.


Just check that you have the space needed for on-site cleaning and then fill out the form for a no-obligation quote.



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